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Full Version: C860
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After deciding on the C860 instead of the 6000L, I've been looking around as to where I can buy one. Any recommendations? It'll be shipping to Canada. Also, how complete is the English translation? Is everything English in the ROM, or do occasional Japanese dialogue boxes pop up? Also, is the keyboard an English keyboard? Many thanks in advance.
I got my 860 about a week ago from the guy in this thread:
Mine arrived before I expected but some people ordering after me seemed to have experienced some delays.

To answer your other question, the Sharp ROM isn't bad. I didn't see any Japanese dialog boxes while I used it. After I had the Z for a couple of days I switched to the Cacko Qt ROM. This is working out just great and I would suggest you make the change as well. I have zero experience with Linux, but if you follow the instructions in the Cacko thread, it's simple to install. Make sure you install the Hotfix as well. The 860 just feels better with this ROM.

The keyboard is pretty much an English keyboard. There are just a couple of keys that just have Japanese labels. I have no idea what they do, but I've seen a post somewhere explaining.

I'm really enjoying my 860, I'm sure you will when you get yours as well.
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