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Full Version: JumpX/Fitaly
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Using the 860 with the keyboard is great. However there are many times when I like to use mine in tablet mode and sometimes want to add text.

I really don't like the handwriting recognition too much, nor the soft keyboard.

What would be great is a Zaurus version of Fitaly. See

I used this for ever on my Pocket PC and it is a great way to input text. (Calligrapher is better yet, but I'm not kidding myself it will be available on the Zaurus).

There is a Fitaly-like keyboard called JumpX,

I downloaded this but found it not to really be suitable on the VGA screen. The skins for it are pretty boring too.

Has anyone looked at making a skinable VGA version of JumpX or Fitaly for the Zaurus? I would think this would be an app that people would pay for. I bought Fitaly for my PPC and would buy again for the Z if it is ever available. (Hint Hint biggrin.gif )
You mean something like this: ?

That package probably also requires this installing first:
I've made an improved version of the soft keyboard from the Qtopia 1.6 sources. The main thing I changed was to make the "keys" bigger, I found that the default keys were too small and having to strike them accurately slowed me down. With my enlarged version I can tap very fast.

The ctrl key also works in my version, unlike the default soft keyboard in the 6000. If anyone's interested I can upload it.
Thanks, I had found the Opie JumpX file but not the other one. I've installed it and it works fine. I'd like to be able to enlarge the keyboard though, it's only half the width of the screen (240 pixels).

Is there a way to do this?
Hey, I'm really interested in a vga tweaked version of jumpx as well. i know you have it on pdaxrom, but I'm starvin' here on cacko. Could anyone with the skill please do this or give a link or instructions on making the jumpx keyboard bigger? A million sychophantic thanks....
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