we have repacked the DR2 release of the "Cocoa for the Zaurus" to simplify installation. You just need

a) a SL-5500/5600 with Sharp ROM 3.1x (others like C860 with ROM 1.1 may work)
cool.gif enough free internal memory (approx. 60% / 20 MByte)
c) copy myPDA-Install.ipk and a file called myPDA-ZED-DR2n.mypkg to the Zaurus (internal or memory card)
d) run the installer through Add/remove Software
e) open myPDA through the icon in the Settings tab

Please make a Backup first and then give it a try and report results.

Here is the link: http://www.dsitri.de/wiki.php?page=myPDA-Z...-Zaurus-Edition

-- hns