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Full Version: Mathematica on the Zaurus?
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I've been reading all I can get my hands on about the Zaurus SL-6000. It looks like an incredible machine, and since my Palm Tungsten E just died (out of warranty) I'm thinking about making the jump.

The main drawing card for me would be if Mathematica for Linux would run on the Zaurus. Does anyone here know whether that's been tried? (There is no version of Mathematica for Palms or PocketPC's, but there's a Linux version.) According to Wolfram Research's website, it needs 64MB of RAM and 330-360 MB of disk space. I've emailed tech support at Wolfram Research, but they just said "No, not supported, maybe someday", sounding as if memory/disk requirements were still an issue. But it looks to me like the SL 6000 with a large CF card would do it.

Does anyone have any light to shed on this question?

Hi, QEMU i believe will run it. i certainly saw a few screenshots of someone running mathematica on their zaurus! If you get it going, let us all know.
It'll be painful.

Is there an open-source alternative (in the same way that Octave is open-source MATLAB).

I run Octave and gnuplot, I also have R.

Give me some more sugggestions and I'll try to get them cross-compiled.

Take a look at Author said the next version will have better c860 support and support complex variables.

lardman, if you want to port something I vote for scilab.
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