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Full Version: GNU chess, GNU Go, GNU Shogi - Available
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I have put these on my port page, and will hopefully upload them to soon. Until then, here's the page:
thanks! (mirrored)

You may want to apply my patch from for cgoban. It optimizes the screen for 640x480 displays. YMMV--it is an ugly hack.
datajerk (I assume that is a play on "sodajerk"),
I will take a look when I get a chance. Thanks for the pointer. - tim
datajerk (I assume that is a play on "sodajerk"),

No, it was the root password for the first UNIX machine I ever worked on, later in life by coincident the numbers of my phone number spelled "DATAJER", adding the "K" did not effect calling. Fate?
I cannot install any of the packages from this page. Package manager GUI just does nothing, and ipkg install <package> says something like:
"zcat: gnuchess.ipk: invalid compressed data - format violated
tar: Unexpected EOF in archive
tar: error is not recoverable: exiting now

zcat: stdin: unexpected end of file
Unpacking //home/tmp/ipkg/gnuchess.ipk/control/*: No such file or directory"
Is it possible that you are running out of space during the extraction?
I checked out an amount of space with df - 12 mb on mtdblock2 and 57 mb on mtdblock3. I don't have enough space on my SD card, but I install to root partition...
I don't suppose this will run on a stock C1000 ?
Can you compile also GNUdoku?
Here are updated versions of GnuGo and CGoban.

GnuGo 3.6

CGoban 1.9.14

CGoban includes datajerk's patch (as mentioned earlier in this thread) to provide optimisation for 640x480 displays.

-- cheers
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