Hi Guys,

I have just bought a new SL5600 Zaurus. My main reason for buying this is to develop convenient informatic software.

Anyway I am currently a Java beginner but I would like to compile and run siomple Java programs while on the move. I have recently bought a book which came supplied with some great Java examples however I cant seem to get the simple programs to compile.

The code refers to an IMPORT package called essential.jar. I cant seem to get the compiler to recognise the IMPORT package .....eassential.jar. I have done some reasearch and it seems to be a problem with the CLASSPATH finding the .jar package! Is this the case??? If so can you help update the CLASSPATH to recognise this .jar package????

As I unmderstand it the .jar package contains some classes such as a keyboard class (for recieving imput from the keyborad) and some graph classes (to assist in drwaing simple graphs). Perhaps these clases are not part of the J2ME and only part of the Java 2 language. If this is the case how can I convert simple Java 2 code into understandable code for the Zaurus to compile???????

These are very difficult questions for me to answer becsuse Im just a beginner but any help would be great