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Full Version: Flashing Sharp Ospack Helpl
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Alright it's been a few weeks but I'm having the same problem. Things came up and i figured if i can just walk away form it and come back i might get it to work since 99 percent of the time I'm just overlooking something. Well I'm having the same trouble i was having some weeks ago trying to get my New Zaurus 5500 with the 2.38 Rom version to flash it with the sharp Ospack.

Whenever i follow the procedure, Putting the unzipped Ospack onto a 32mb CF card : Turning off the Zaurus, opening the battery door and making sure its connected to AC addapter : without taking the battery out i push C and D and also push the "Full Reset" button. at this point both the green and orange lights are suppose to light up for around "3 minutes" and then turn off at which point the FlashROM update program is complete. I then pull the CF card and push FULL RESET and turn it on. And all this apparently does nothing but Reset the Zaurus.

Now the problem is that when i push C and D and FULL RESET all at once it dosn't light the green and orange lights for 3 minutes but just has them on for a couple of breif seconds. They then turn off and nothing but a Fully reseted with no updated rom Zaurus is the product.

Now what can i possibly be doing wrong? I read the instructures over and over again. The instructions I got are The ROM i downloaded is

Its been months working on this off and I've been racking my brains. Thanks for any help
Check the md5sum of the ospack file - premusmably if you had to unzip it then it's correct (so you can skip this step).

Try reformatting your CF card.
Hey is cranJam i just dont wanna login. So how do I check the md5sum? I can probably figure out how to format the CF card but what would I search under to check the md5sum? Sorry but im basicaly new to linux.
You'd have to use the 'md5sum' program. This is often a problem if you download zImage & initrd.bin files to flash with. However you say that you had to unzip the ospack file, therefore by definition the file must be intact (otherwise it wouldn't be able to be unzipped).

I think you'll have to reformat your CF card. Take a look in the FAQ/HowTos section, I posted instructions there if I remember correctly.

CranJam again. Thanks ill see if i can get it to work
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