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Full Version: Black C860?
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I hope to get an SL-C860 Soon, but I don't like the white colour scheme. There was a post by zbones about there being black plastic underneath the silver coating on the Sl-5500, and I was wondering if there is black plastic underneath the white coating on the C860. Has anyone tried? If someone has a broken C860, could they please just scratch it a bit to see? Thanks in advance.
Please note that I am aware that there are other posts about this, but they all relate to the 5500.
My c860 is silver not white.

At any rate, I'd much prefer a black colour scheme. See previous question.
The plastic bottom chassis (keyboard) does not seem to be black when I pull back a piece surrounding the CF slot. It might even be lighter (white-ish?) than the silver. The screen section is an enamelled paint. This is on a 760 mind you, but they should be similar.
Dont't forget with the c760/c860 there is at least three different materials involved.

1) The screen surround which on mc c760 appears like it may even be some
sort of metal.

2) The main body if you open the small battery compartment and look inside where it's not been painted this will give you the colour, on my c760 it is an airfix grey colour.

3) The base/large battery cover, on my c760 this appears to be a white unpainted plastic.

Basically, I think you would have to paint it after sanding it. and they look much harder to take to bits and re-assembel afterwards.

Also if you break it taking it apart then you lose more money as they are so much more expensive/harder to replace.

I will not be doing mine unless I still have it in 2/3 years time, or it gets badly scratched/looks shabby.
I should have bought the c750, I almost did but wanted the bigger battery/internal flash
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