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I'm reposting this...didn't get a response.

I recently purchased a SL-5500 because of a link I found on the Sharp site. They are selling a GPS system thay is supossed to work with the Zaurus. See this link:

I contacted the manufacturer and they said that the system will not work for the Zaurus. Any comments...I need to straighten this out!...

I just ordered one of these, I will let you know how it works. According to qpeGPS site, it works fine on the zaurus. The manufacturer probably meant, the software will not run on the Z but there is qpeGPS and zroadmap on the Z.

you do have to wait more than an hour before deciding to re-post the question.

Most people login only once a day, some only login weekly.

Also, bear in mind that as there are users from all over the world statistically many of them wil be asleep/at work/having sex/doing something far more enjoyable, at any given time you choose to post.

The converse is also true, I have had a question answered almost immediately when I posted it a 03:00am my time, but mostly they just ignore me completely, or hurl abuse/pocket pc's at me. laugh.gif

Anyway, to partly answer your question, I haven't got that particular gps card to work with a zaurus, but I have got a gps card that both sharp and the manufacturer claim do not work, to work on not one but two zauri(see my sig).

But don't expect the software that comes with it to do any more than take up space on your cf card.


I was able to get the ambicom cf gps card to work with zroadmap and qpegps. It's pretty cool. The steps I took are:

1. Install gpsd. (It is in the qpegps download site)
2. Insert card in cf slot
3. cardctl resume
4. gpsd -p /dev/ttyS3 -s 4800
5. run zroadmap or qpegps

Wait for a few minutes for it to work. Qpegps positioned me correctly on the map but I dont have a high resolution map of IN. zroadmap also positioned me correctly but since I am using the maps from zroadmap download site, I have resolution to street level and with the onboard flite program, zroadmap read to me my current location and what roads I am approaching.

Does anybody know how to keep zroadmap centered on the my location? . I had to manually center or else my icon goes off the screen.
I believe you can set a destination and then start a trip. This should start a scrolling display as you travel.
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