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Full Version: Zaurus as mobile wireless client???
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Hi People,

I am a pre-newbie. I have never owned a cell phone or a PDA and know zilch about wireless. The Zaurus 6000 looks very cool. Here are my questions.....

Can the Zaurus be made to connect to a mobile data network like Verizon or T-Mobile? What add on card do I need to get that done? What are the steps I need to take to set it up?

Also I need to check email using secure ssl IMAP4. Does Zaurus client have that capability? If not what software do I need to compile to get it done?


An experienced Linux user
I am using a cf2031 to connect to Sprint with my sl5600 and I also have an Aerlink NPC to connect my c760 through my Verizon phone and service. I've never tested Verizon's high speed network though (connecting at about 20k). Sprint's service works well for me but I have not used it in remote areas. I can't speak about email clients since I use Opera web access for my email. hth.

Here's a great review for you to read:
In this review, they state that both pop3 and IMAP4 are supported by the email client that comes on the 6000.

Another note about the review: they whine for quite some time about the "enormous" size of the Z. The fact is, while other PDA designers are competing for the smallest PDA, Sharp has stuck with designing PDAs that are USABLE size. 4" screen, plus a built-in keyboard, and internal wi-fi and USB, SD, CF, and IR! Quick-launch buttons, and an arrow pad that really makes document/web navigation easy. A long-lasting battery, and many other key performance features. The Z fits comfortably in my palm, that's all I want. This is way off topic but I just can't stand this obsession with teeny-tiny PDAs...

About the wireless internet thing, if you do not own a cell phone, I do not suggest investing in one for that type of mobile internet connectivity. The 6000 comes wi-fi (WLAN) ready. Wi-fi is not everywhere, like cell phones, but it is high speed. T-mobile has established "HotSpot" wi-fi service in many places, including most Starbucks and Kinkos (at least where I live). It costs $20 a month for unlimited HotSpot use. Panera Bread Company also has free wi-fi at their retail outlets, and many other cafes in my area are offering free wi-fi to bring in business. I don't know where you live, but I would look into the availablility of wi-fi networks in your area before considering fully mobile network service.

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