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I know people ask these questions all the time but I'd like to know cause I need info.

(only the ones in the poll)
Which do you think is the best WiFi card that you've used?
(style, functionality etc.)
If you only had one why do you like it or hate it?
(style functionality etc.)

For Sl-C860
I had the Sandisk - it died after about 9 months. This is consistent with the crappy quality of their CF Flash memory cards, I guess. I'd say stay away.

The Ambicom seems popular with those who own them (I haven't tried it), and it's very reasonably priced, if a bit hard to find.

I have a Socket low-power. The range is a bit low and it is (or was, at least) a bit pricey, but it is plug-and-play in every ROM I've tried.
I have an SMC 2642W and it is great. Very nice range. It doesn't seem to be too power hungry either.
:!: :arrow: Come on everyone do the poll! :arrow: :!:
I have had the WCF12 for almost 1.5 years. It's been rock solid and never given me any hint of trouble. Decent range. Doesn't seem to overly draw on the battery.
As far as price I don't think it was much more or less than anything else on the market when I bought it.
okie dokie thanks!
The problem with this poll is that you ask "Which WiFi card?" - which wifi card what? Which do I have, which do I recommend (I've only ever used the one I have so I can't really comment). Nevertheless I've voted for the one I have. I've had no issues with it and it seems to be working fine.

yes of course i think i pointed that out in my post.
I can't vote cos i have a WiFi card that's not listed sad.gif

However, if you had asked about WiFi support in ROMs, I could be typing for hours smile.gif
I'm sorry the ones up there are the only ones I could get around here.
Not a lot of choices in Canada
I guess the Linksys is the one to get!
No comments questions?
The poll is never ending but I will stop checking by tomorrow or the day after tommorow!
Thank you to everyone who participated and gave me tips!
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