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Full Version: Shared Development Box - Help setup?
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I have a old laptop, a 400mhz celeron, nothing too special, about 4gb harddrive. It's loaded up with Debian right now, although its a little screwy so I need to reinstall for a fresh setup

I am willing to offer this as a free development box if anyone out there wants to mess around with stuff and doesn't have a box of there own.

I'll simply use SSH for all to connect and if root is needed then arrangments can be made.

If anyone is familiar with setting up a development enviroment for the Zaurus and would like to set one up on my Linux box for me that'd be great.

Of course anyone can use this for anything they need, just no abuse of course smile.gif

If anyone is interested leave a message. I'm moving to Florida for a few months and will have a lot of time on my hands (young college kid, working a internship, moving in with my brother) so I'll be looking for some stuff to do.

If the interest is there i'll do my best to get this box up and running asap for people to use.

Good idea! I don't think most people should need root access. But being able to ssh in and have a working cross-compiler would make it easier for a lot of people to get into building stuff for the Z.
My thought exactly, anything to pump out applications quicker without the risk of messing up your own box!

Plus there has to be someone out there willing to do all the setup. I'll do my best of course from the tutorials but if I run into a snag i'll bring someone in to do the dirty work smile.gif
I'm not a cross compiling guru yet, but I have set it up and compiled some things, and I have experience administering multi-user Linux machines. I'd be glad to help.
Sy Ali
How has this effort gone?

I'm thinking about setting up a cross-compiling setup, and also putting it onto a LiveCD Linux distribution. I would rather people download the entire kit and run it on their own machines than SSH in to work.
From the looks of the users last login being

9th January 2005 - 02:55 PM

unless he created a new name... I would think that if he did set this up... it in most cases isn't still active....
just in case there are others interested, I ran across this article which gives detailed instructions on setting up zaurus development using damn small linux (live cd, vmware image, and qemu images - meaning it will work with either windows, linux, or mac)

Its a great article and includes the download links to the correct software needed
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