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Full Version: Various AIRcable CellConnect Questions
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I have been able to successfully pair the adapter with my Nokia 6230. I am also able to use the phone as a GPRS modem. However, I cannot figure out how to use it for file transfers. The only option I have found to transfer files from the Zaurus to the phone is to send via IR. The CellConnect adapter is listed as being Bluetooth 1.1, class 2 compliant. It supports SPP (serial port profile), DUN, and LAN profiles. I would prefer a graphical interface for transfering files, but am willing to use the command line if that's all that's available.

Another issue is with the way the Zaurus CellConnect support site shows to set up a Dial-Up connection. When there is a WiFi card in the Zaurus, the Connection applet (the one with the globe icon) will only show WiFi presets. I know I can just eject the card through the console with cardctl eject, but it is still a small hassle. The WiFi card will also be detected again after the next power off/on cycle, neccesitating another cardctl eject each time.

Is it possible to set up the CellConnect adapter as a "true" bluetooth connection, instead of tricking it to connect through an IR connection? There are both PAN (TCP/IP) and Dial-Up Bluetooth settings in the Network utility that seem better suited for these purposes than the "IR trick". Is the CellConnect compatable with these types of connections? If so, how do I set them up?

I am using Cacko 1.21a on a c760.
Thanks in advance for any and all help!
Here is the response I recieved from Wireless Cables:
Unfortunately these connections you describe require the Bluetooth stack to run on the Z processor. Our module runs the stack on the module. We use the IR trick because this is close to the way our modules work.
The AIRcable Z is just a serial cable replacement. What you do on the serial line is up to you. You can do Intellisync, or PPP or send files with Z modem.
Hope that helps.
Wireless Cables Inc.

After a bit of research I found that the only profiles that the CellConnect adapter and the Nokia 6230 have in common is the Dial-Up and Serial Port profiles. I see that gnokii may be able to fulfill my file transfer needs. However, I get a "Couldn't open /home/zaurus/ .gnokiirc or /etc/gnokiirc. Exiting now..." error when I try to run it. Help, please?
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