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Lament of Innocence(ps2), Aria of Sorrow(gba)µ¥µ¥

­º¥ý­n§ä»ôhugo boot rom¦Pcd¬Jimage¾×(½Ð¤£­n¦b¨Ì«×°ÝÂI§ä·|¤ñ¤H©Ô,

- # cp *.pce /home/zaurus/.zpce (­nzpce»{¨ì²Érom¦s¦cool.gif
- # cp /home/QtPalmtop/bin (ª`·Npermission­nexcute)
- ±q·s°µ©Î½s¿è¤@­Ódracula.hcd
ISO_path=dracula/ (¤@©w­n¦³/°µµ²§À)
- # cp dracula_*.iso /mnt/card/<yourfolder>/dracula
- # cp dracula.hcd /mnt/card/<yourfolder>
- ¥´¶}zemufe, ¥[²É¬P"*" ¤Wsetting --> frontend --> expansion(¬O­nzemufe¬Ý©Ò¦³¾×)
- ¬Ý¨ìdracula.hcd clickʪ±±o
- thanks Mr. mmo biggrin.gif

-------------------- ¤º®e:
# cat
cd "$1"
zpce "$2"
exit 0
thanks. how about speed of the game?

if no any cccr enable,
the speed is fair w/+1 frameskip.
for me, it sure playable.
next.. i try ripp Gradius II.. 8)

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