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Full Version: Mysql start failure
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On my new SL-6000L I installed MySQL using the old .ipk for the 3.22 version from the Zaurus Software Index following these instructions which are exactly like tips I saw somewhere on ZUG.

The installation seemed to be successful. But running the mysqlstart script results in:
Starting MySQL database server: mysqld...failed

So the script seems to be running, but failing to spawn or contact the daemon.

An earlier post mentioned "ipkg-link add ___" but ipkg doesn't recognize or list a -link option. Mysql is shown by ipkg as having installed ok and with lots of attached files.

What now? I could start following the installed code and learn a lot about scripting, or try to roll my own .ipk for MySQL, or sketch out which MySQL files are where and do what, or slaughter a capybara in sacrifice to the database deity. But each of those could be an 8 month project for a newbie and I'd love to have it working for a long train trip in mid-June, not to mention keeping my time for other Linux projects.

Have you done a MySQL install on the 6000 yet or know of incompatibility issues? Have ideas on where to start troubleshooting? Know a great story about kelp that will distract me from this challenge?
Have you looked in the error log mysql.err in /var/log/?

That will probably give you a few more clues- it's probably a permissions thing. Also check the my.conf file in /etc/mysql.

(I ended up with quite a dirty workaround which was to edit the my.conf file to say that the server should run as root, and then start it from the command line as root, eg

mysqlstart -u root

That worked, but it's not very satisfactory or secure- so OK if it's just for use as a local server but not otherwise- and I'm certainly open to suggestions for ways to improve it!)

Sweet, that's all correct! Thank you. biggrin.gif

On that path, I probably can eventually figure out some other permissions changes to make to do it all more securely. I'll also have to figure out how to get it stopped. But at least I'm rolling now, much appreciated.
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