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Full Version: Zaurus won't start
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Well, while trying to get my bluetooth card running (which I managed with a lot of help from this board) I accidently got my leg entangled in the power cord and taught my zaurus to fly... which it did very well I have to admit... just the landing was a bit rough.... well ok, it crashed into the wall and fell to the floor... We'll have to work on that wink.gif.

The thing is it won't start anymore. I managed to start it right after the crash and then a bit later: nothing.... only when I attached the power cord again it booted... but it doesn't seem to be just the battery or anything because even with the cord I couldn't get it to start ever since.

I opened the thing to see if anything was obviously damaged. Without result... I didn't find anything.

Has anyone here had a similar problem or knows what I could try?
Im sure you have done this already, but check the position of the switch on the bottom of the unit... You might want to give it a cycle back and fourth( listen for the click)... Maybe it is not quite in "operation" position... The second thing you can try is to remove the battery, and reinstall... Good luck...
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