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Full Version: 5500 screen loses response quality
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I'm having a problem with my 5500 where the touch screen, either when using the handwriting option or a program like Sketches of Q, seems to have lost it's response quality. When using S of Q, I can hardly draw at all now, the mark seems to lag behind the pen movement. In handwriting, circular "O"'s appear very blocky, with some letters not forming well at all.

This is new with no hardware damage I know of. I removed the adhesive screen protector as I thought that was the problem, but it persists on the screen itself. I generallly carry the Zaurus in a padded case, so it's pretty well protected...

The only things I've done recently are installed EWE, since removed, and removed some various programs like Doom and PRBoom to free up some storage space.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
It sounds like the cpu is being utilised by something.

Try a reboot first of all, if that still fails try and determine if a process is hogging the cpu.

The easiest way of doing this is probably by running top from a console session.

You may have to install top and terminal, depending on which rom you are using.
It did have that "lag" look rather than a physical problem. Good call. It got me thinking and I removed the SD card and everything started working again. I removed a couple ipks I had on the card (ewe and jmap) and, after reinstalling the card, everything is still working fine. Thanks much.

It did have that "lag" look rather than a physical problem.  

Here's an app that may help you:

I think the special pre-emptive kernel might can with this kind of problem too.
That was the first version of the Special kernel on the 5600, not the 5500, which has been fixed since anyway.

I have found that vary rarely something in Qtopia gets stuck in a loop and starts eating CPU cycles. This particularly affects touchscreen responsiveness and results in getting straight lines when trying to draw curves in drawing apps and a lag in the handwriting recognition.

Terminating Qtopia and letting it restart normally fixes this. I haven't had this happen for a while now and I haven't rebooted for nearly 2 months although Qtopia has been terminated a couple of times.
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