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Full Version: Streaming MP3s with Cacko 1.21
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Hi All

As I am unable to get smbmount to connect to my my windows share, my other thought was to set up some sort of mp3 streaming on my windows box, accessible on a browser or some other application on my C860.

Anyone done this? Any luck or pointers?

Yes. Grab a copy of Icecast at, or Shoutcast at Then just winamp your tunes to it, and connect your Zaurus to the sever.
Hi - thanks STrRedWolf - one more thing. Do I install Winamp on my Z to access the files? If so, which version of Winamp do I install?

Thanks again!
No, you don't install Winamp on your Z... Use Winamp to play your files, then use icecast or shoutcast as a plugin for Winamp, so everything Winamp plays is streamed by shoutcast or icecast. Then use a normal (I don't have my Z yet smile.gif) audioplayer to connect to the given address of the shoutcast or icecast server, and play...
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