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Full Version: Crash And Burn
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I've had my SL5500 a while now, been happy with it, tried lot's of ROM's, then settled on the Sharp 3.08 ROM (the developer early access version of the 3.10). And it's been a solid system for the past 8 months or so....

...until I turned it on this morning, and it had bizarrely decided to reset completely overnight, losing everything I've had setup on it over the past 8 months...
Yup, that's the problem with the 5500. If I had one I would use one of those ROMs that lets you put your /home on a card and devotes the whole RAM for working memory.
I've never had that happen to my SL-5500, which has had lots of use for over 2 years now. It seems to affect only a small minority, but no one seems to know why.

This is also another reason why backups are good. When I've got my Zaurus to a point that I'm happy with, I make a bzipped tar of /home and put it on my PC. With the 5500 I also keep a bzipped tar of /home on an MMC card in case of a lockup requiring a full reset while out and about.
"Crash and Burn".. good song by Pat Travers smile.gif)
I'm new, but as a Palm user, I'm in the habit of syncing my PDA regularly.

But, for the 'out and about' usage, will the Backup/Restore application on my sl-5500 Sharp 3.13 image reliably recover everything? (It says my 16 M SD is too small so I have not tried it yet.)
The backups will restore everything (plenty of experience :?), but you will definitely need a 32+ MB card. After loading up my goodies, my backup files are typically 24-27 MB.

Yeah that happened to me once too, hopefully it'll never happen again <crosses fingers>. Now I use that little backup/restore function to make backups as well as making a zipped copy of my SD card (where the majority of my apps are stored).
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