My friend wanted my Clie UX-50 badly, and I got a Palm from work, so I decided to get another Z (C760) and I'm interested in coming to the next ZUG meeting.

I'm up in Franklin (moving to Greenfield soon). The MLUG group up here usually meets out in Waukesha and they have a pretty good set up. If anyone would be interested in meeting up here sometime, the MLUG group might be willing to have a special topic meeting after the main meeting. I haven't gone in a while, but they usually have someone there with a WiFi router for everyone to tap into.

Does this ZUG have a website? If not, I'm setting up my own Perl website and I would be willing to host a ZUG page. Currently I have RoadRunner, but when I move, I may downgrade to Yahoo! DSL (if it's available). But that should still be adequate for a small site.