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Full Version: page-access disabled?
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one week ago, I visited conics-page. today I decided to buy zaurus sl-c760 on roundabout 500USD. but conics-page is no longer available.
instead, european/US-american companies try to make me believe that sl-c760 is no longer available. they try to sell sl-c860 on 795 EUR - which is nearly doule price.
I think to face legal bank robbers - intending me as their bank.
how did they manage to cut my access to conics-page?
SIMILAR LOW-PRICE OFFER. thanks for emailreply biggrin.gif
The sl-c760 is no longer being manufactued by Sharp Japan (since Dec 2003 or so) it was replaced by the SL-C860 (same retail price in Japan).

Anyone selling C760s now are probably just using up what is left of their stock - once they're gone, they're gone forever! (unless you nuy secondhand)

Conics-net seems to be down - maybe they forgot to renew their domain name? or maybe Brett is on vacation?

Why does a lot of people think they're getting tricked when it's just the truth?
If you guys think you guys are getting tricked, don't buy things overseas (also things that aren't supposed to be sold in your area) just buy something around you! If you're gonna want a clamshell, risk your life on it!
Brett from Conics is on vacation now. Wait few days and he will take good care about You and his web-site.
laugh.gif hello piotr, please let me know BRETT's EMAIL-ADDRESS (mr.brett from conics). thanks in advance. juergen
your advice was friendly and constuctive
- in particular, compared to those participators of this forum trying
to make me believe that brett is 'down' intending
either to make me pay robber's price on my desired pda
or, instead of that, to apply pencil and sheet of their rural native forest-region.

:idea: so anyone might make up his own opinion, if these manipulating tries are friendly replies of this forum, where actual support should be expected.
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