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Full Version: Speech recognition
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Has anyone thought about implementing voice/speech recofnition in the Z? A 'speech to text' application would be very useful I'd think, especially when the Z (atleast my 5600) has such excellent voice recording capabilities.
Unfortunately my own programming knowledge = 0
Therefore I am not capable of developing anything for the Z at all, but am willing to be a beta tester.
Anyone interested?

I have been using such a prog for two monthes. It was "Dragon Naturally Speaking" under win xp. It is not that usefull because of so many recognition errors... I finally learned how to use a keaboard...

I have two objections :
1) can a 400mhz/64mo ram be enough? my "old" 850 mhz with 128 mo wasn't (too long sentences made it "forget" some words.)
2) is it really usefull? I mean if your Z can record, why don't you play your recorded voice and have it recognizedby a voice recording recognition on your pc?

flite generates speech, Sphinx recognises speech.

There are binaires available for both.

Have a play.

lardman, i've been googling but i couldn't figure out whether there is a sphinx binary for the z. sorry if i missed an obvious place, thx
The instructions for downloading and compiling Sphinx can be found at
Is anyone interested in compiling this for the Z?
I'd have tried but my programming expertise can comfortably fit in a nutshell with the nut and room to spare. biggrin.gif
yes, there is work being done on something like this. I can't say who, or what, or when, if ever, it will get released.
yes, there is work being done on something like this

That's good to know. If it is ever released, I hope there'll be a version for the 5600 (since that's the one I have).
Wow, this sounds cool.

lardman, how well does it work on a C860? I guess you have to wangle some way of getting a mic set up for the Z for this to work though.
Hey Lard man ,
I'm playing around with this....thanks for the info

I have had no joy so far....can you give some basic advice to get us started? It would be a great help.

Thanks ads
Ps c750 Qtopia cacko rom

I MUST give this a try...

Does it work with pdaxrom?
As far as I know it has more chance of working with pdaX than anything else but I'm using Qtopia and so far no joys... sad.gif

I really wanna get it going so I can use my zaurus to launch and control programs using only speech....

ie mp3 player, flite for reading books and some database retieval ( address retrieval) without having to pull out my zaurus

Its a pretty distant dream but if I can get the building blocks then I'll be happy.

@ads: To tell the truth I don't know.

If I remember correctly, sphinx is mostly just the libs which allows you to create your own apps which can do speech recognition. That said, there are a couple of example apps in the tarball (I think). I just compiled it as someone had asked me to, I'm not sure that I ever got round to using it myself, though I think others did. Assuming the devnet is back up (and has its old data) you could try a search there.

I'll have a look at it during the week and see whether I can remember (but you're probably better off just reading the release notes/README/INSTALL files in the tarball as then you'll know pretty much as much as I do).


It's command line so it ought to.

Lardman, thanks for that....I have had a look at the release notes, and it gets kinda involved....I was looking for an easy solution.

I'll have a real go at it later when I get the time but it looks like a weekender to get it all going.
Thanks for all your help.

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