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Full Version: C860 - battery always charging when using it with AC
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i notice that the battery is in charging state as long as i am using the C860 and there is AC. Is this normal?
on my 5500, once it is full, even if the AC is on, the battery will state that "power is online" and not charging
I have no familiarity with this model, but I have a thought... My Dell laptop does the same thing. The laptop trickle charges the battery when it's full, to reduce memory issues (that info is from Dell support). This seems more common on newer systems, to compensate for battery types that have memory problems. Could the C860 do the same thing? (Dell later tweaked the driver to detect this scenario so it would report full when trickle charging.)
The orange light should go off when it is done charging.
I had thought that my C750 was doing the same thing as you say, but I saw it turn the light off the other day. I've no idea, I'll have to take a look at the kernel source to see what's happening I suppose.

Not sure here, but I guess that the initial power surge of turning your Z on as well as the default ac adapter setting of full backlight drops the battery below full causing the charge light to come on. Depending on your ac supply, especially if you are only drawing 100V in US as apposed to 110V in Japan, the ac adapter may not be giving enough juice to push the battery over the 100% mark.

I'm sure that, like lardman, my charge light eventually went out but it was a long time after putting the Z on ac adapter - I was also copying al ot of files to/from CF and SD so that is probably using energy too.

Mine goes out. It does take a looong time, but it will eventually go out.

Is this with the WiFi on? That might explain things...

AFAIK this is normal behaviour. I do not believe this is a condition of how much power is being used (screen brightness or wifi). I doubt the battery loses energy during AC operations, but maybe the battery does a self check and tops off any energy lost when in sleep mode
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