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Full Version: Running Python plus modules
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Im quite new to all this Zaurus development stuff but maybe you can help me out!

I have installed the following packages onto my Zaurus SL5600.



However I am actually trying to run the follwing modules especially the Molecular Modelling tool kit. The NUMERICAL and SCIENTIFIC modules are dependencies for Molecular MOdelling ToolKit as follows:-

The base package: python-numeric_21.3-2.2_arm.ipk
The LinearAlgebra module: python-numeric-linearalgebra_21.3-2.2_arm.ipk
The FFT module: python-numeric-fft_21.3-2.2_arm.ipk
The RandomArray and RNG modules: python-numeric-random_21.3-2.2_arm.ipk

Everything except NetCDF: python-scientific_2.4.3-2.2_arm.ipk
NetCDF interface: python-scientific-netcdf_2.4.3-2.2_arm.ipk


My problem is that I cant seem to load up the Python GUI application. I can tap the Python icon on the desktop and the egg timer appears on the task bar but then just disappears agian. I cant seem to find any documentation on getting Python to run. I did try typing puthon in the terminal window and I did get a responce but my python terminal knowledge is next to nothing. Anyway I think something is missing but im not sure what. Can you help???? Let me know if you need more information??

The websites I have been using are as follwows:-

Which ROM version are you using, ie Sharp original or other version?

Let's go step-by-step and the first task is to get python installed.

Remove all ipks for python you have installed.

Now, just install the python_2.3.3-1.0_arm.ipk
from Riverbank. Refer to Pyhthon documentaion at on the operation of Python using terminal mode.

The IDE version for Zaurus was not working properly on my SL-5600. Use Zeditor for your text input and terminal mode for the compiling.
The reason that ide doesn't work is that it needs python-code. You have installed python-code 2.2 and python 2.3 - and with python the version numbers are really important cause python is looking in /usr/lib/python2.3/ for its modules and python-code is installed in /usr/lib/python2.2 so it can't be found. Also sometimes python modules aren't compatible between versions.

You can see what else might be causing strife by startting the ide from console - then you will be able to see error messages.

You are best off with python having all components from the same minor version (ex 2.3 ), subversion (2.3.x) will probably mix okay.

Instead of running python-ide try using Visiscript. It has a nice built-in editor (Scintilla) and you can use it with different scripting languages.

The link has been updated to point to the latest version with multiple document support.
I have tried using Visiscript, but found it too slow and resource-hunger.
Revert to Zeditor for the time being.
I discovered the existence of Visiscript by reading this thread, thanks Kenroy !

I find it runs quite acceptably on my 760. As I use Scite on my PC to edit Python scripts it is a joy to have all the Scintilla functionality on the Z - especially block indenting/dedenting ;-)

The main thing that troubles me is the "file manager" part - it seems that it will only "see" files that it has created itself (with a corresponding .desktop file) and only in its chosen directory (Documents/text/python). Is there really no way to make it edit existing python scripts in arbitrary (project) directories ?...
If you want the python-ide to work you need to install,, and from a 2.3 python instal - I used the py files from my desktop python install - and the pyhton-ide starts happily.

Still trying to decide which I prefer from visiscrip and the python-ide (python-ide is more like idle, which I'm used to using on the desktop)


P.S. If you don't have python installed, let me know and I can post the files mentioned above

Kindly enlighten where to download,, and
FPP: use the 'Import' function in Visiscript to load/edit existing files.

I agree that it's a great editor, I'm a big fan of Scite so am very happy to have this on my Z.


Kindly enlighten where to download,, and

They come as part of a standard python install - install python on your desktop and copy them from your python module directory.

You might also be able to get them from cvs (not sure if they have web interface or not)

Or you can wait till I get home and pack them and post them here (in about 6 hours)

FPP: use the 'Import' function in Visiscript to load/edit existing files.

Oh, stupid me smile.gif -- thanks !
I agree that it's a great editor, I'm a big fan of Scite so am very happy to have this on my Z.

Ditto !
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