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Full Version: SD Card upgrade
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I wish to replace the 128MB SD card with a 256 MB SD card. SD card is fomatted ext2. I am running Cacko 1.21 ROM and I hope I do not need to start all over. Looking for a quick way to make this happen. BTW, Linux box cannot read flash media at this time. Any ideas or suggestions?
A little vague. You want to copy over you're stuff from the 128 to the 256? Then just mount it in Linux / windows over USB, copy all the stuff temporarily to that machine, put in new card copy the stuff back?
Yes, I wish to copy all the files on the exisiting 128 Mb SD card onto the 256 Mb SD card so that I double my capacity on my c750. The cards are formatted ext2 and MS Windows doesn't recognize ext2 so sopying them on my PC won't work.
There are a number of apps that allow the copying of files on an ext2 disk under windows.

Try here for a couple of those

I used Explore2fs until I changed my linux system over to reiserfs and it worked well.

Another option is to download knoppix or morphix and boot linux from CD, then you'll be able to copy ext2 files no problems

BTW, Linux box cannot read flash media at this time. Any ideas or suggestions?

I hope you are referring to YOUR linux install here cause I've been reading/writing SD, CF, Memory Stick and Smart Media on linux for about 2 years now.

Stubear --

I had tried Explore2fs and while it can read the files, there are some it refuses to copy. I am not sure of the issues that might create. As an example, the file K97fbvncinput in the path of /etc/rc0.d on the SD card. Probably a more important example are the files under the path /opt/QtPalmtop/lib on the SD card. These are libraries (,, etc.) Any ideas?

Yes, I am refering to MY current install of Linux. There is a hardware problem on the motherboard I am using and cannot use my USB Flash reader on that PC.
Solved the problem. Used ext2fsd to copy the files from the old SD card. When I tried to write to the new SD card, I kept getting write errors from Windows. I then copied the files to my CF card and placed it back in the Zaurus. I then copied the files back from the CF card to the SD card in the Zaurus.
The files you mentioned having trouble with are symlinks - probably windows or explore2fs doesn't handle symlinks properly

Glad you got it to work
Another option to back up your sd card from windows is to grab a windows ssh client and:
ssh root@zaurus tar -cvf - /mnt/card >backup.tar
Then to restore from that backup, do
ssh root@zaurus tar -xvf - <backup.tar

The best way I know of to get ssh on windows (other than installing linux ) is to install cygwin (which gives you a full gnu environment over windows).
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