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Full Version: Help! I can't ftp to the Z
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I can telnet from my linux-box to the zaurus (5500G with ROM 2.38G), both via USB or IR, but whenI try ftp zaurus 4242 all I get is "connection refused"
So I can't sync, too. I suppose this is related.
Any ideas anyone?

the 4242 port is intended for syncing,

if you can telnet, you could always install a ftp server on your desktop, then telnet to your z and 'get' the files from the pc

The port 4242 definitely has an FTP server on it in the 2.x ROMs. See this FAQ:

Are you sure you are connecting to port 4242 with your FTP app? Some versions require the port to be specified differently. Try going to the URL ftp://zaurus:4242 from a web browser (or use the IP address of your Zaurus if you haven't got it in your /etc/hosts file).
Remeber to specify the user too (root).
Hi everyone! biggrin.gif

How can I specify the user?

I do an ssh to my PDA in the 4242 port
and this is the response:

220 Qtopia 1.0.2 FTP Server

Can you help me? blink.gif
The Qtopia ftp server lives at port 4242 not ssh.

for ftp:

ftp root@ might work

for ssh:

ssh -l root

doesn't work sad.gif

D:\>ftp root@
Unknown host root@
How can I get my root password? blink.gif

I tryed this

In ssh (PUTTY) using a RAW conection and my IP adress and the port 4242:

220 Qtopia 1.0.2 FTP Server

after I use :

USER root

But this happen

331 User name ok, need password
530 Please login with USER and PASS

So? anyone knows the password? or How ca I login?
Thanks! cool.gif
By default, you probably don't have a root pw... try just typing 'PASS' then hitting enter...

Thanks! it works!! biggrin.gif

but I have another problem blink.gif

my pda show me a message:

Sync Conection

An unauthorized system is requesting access to this device.
if you are using a version of Qtopia Desktop older than 1.5.1, please upgrade.

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