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Full Version: Kismet on a SL-5600
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Hey guys, Im new to the Zaurus thing. I have two questions.
1. I have Kismet 2.6.0 installed w/ kismet -qt, but when I go to connect to the Kismet wireless Connection I get a message of;
No connection detected.
Check your TCP/IP Settings.

They are set up to the posts on the forum.
Now, this is where it gets a little strange. If I dont use the Kismet connection and just click on the Kismet Icon under the applications tab, it works. Is there any problems doing this?

2. Are there any good books for newbies like myself to help me get started understanding the linux konsole thing. I'm a little confused on how and where apps. are installed on tis thing.

You don't need the kismet connection setup in the Settings:Network application. I tried that trick on my Z when I was having trouble with Kismet and it didnt work, but once I found the info in this forum to get it working properly i just deleted the network settings for kismet.

If Kismet works from the Icon, thats all you need. Are you seeing any AP's during a scan?

I still have a problem running kismet from the shell. but i know why...i'm just to busy to edit the shell script to fix it. maybe soon!
I have Kismet 2.8.0 installed in my Z5600. I followed the instructions from and it didn't work. Tapping the gui icon wouldn't bring up the program. After reinstating kismet_qt, the proram ran but wouldn't do anything. My wireless card (Pretec) light also wouldn't come up. However if I first connected to a wireless AP and then started Kismet then it wuld start scanning and find access points. But how can I caonnect to those access points? Kismet stops scanning after a few minutes. Is there a good "howto" on this?
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