I recently obtained a Pretec 802.11b card and tried to set up Kismet on my Z5600 according to the instructions at http://www.timekiller.org/howtos/kismet-5600.html.
Kismet installed without any problems but when I tried to add 'Wireless LAN - TCP/IP' under "Network" in the settings tab, nothing happened. I found that I could only add 'LAN - TCP/IP' but after doing that my Z rebooted spontaeneously when I inserted the wireless card. It wouldn't get into the GUI and in fact it kept on rebooting till I removed the wireless card. Removing 'LAN - TCP/IP' setting solved the problem of rebooting but I still couldn't use the card. Running Kismet also wouldn't wake up the card. I don't understand why I can't add 'Wireless LAN - TCP/IP'. I am running the latest Sharp ROM. I'll be grateful if anyone can help me to resolve this problem.