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Full Version: Trouble setting up BT Aircable with Cacko QT ROM 1.2.1a
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I have a C860 with Cacko QTROM 1.2.1a installed. I would like to set up my bluetooth AirCable adaptor with a Nokia 6310i phone. I created a dailup bluetooth connection to Vodafone
Username = wap
Password= wap
Phone = 004483900808
BT device = /dev/rfcomm0
init string =ATZ
speed = 9600
hardware flow control =off
time out = 5 s
BT DUN = "blank"
Dial using = Tone
Auto detect network and no proxies.

HELP !!!![/quote][/b]
I have sucessfully paired the Aircable with my phone but I still cannot get the dial up conection to work.
BT device = /dev/rfcomm0

While I don't have AirCable dongle, my understanding was that it's a serial device that has rfcomm protocol support implemented in CSR firmware inside the module (please correct me if I'm wrong) and doesn't require external bluetooth protocol stack on host computer (Zaurus). On the other hand, /dev/rfcomm0 is device name used by BlueZ protocol stack. Try to change it to /dev/ttyS0 (built-in serial port) and see if it helps...
See if this helps
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