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Full Version: Zaurus of Doom
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There was a discussion some time ago about the audio quality of a Zaurus. For reasons which are entirely pointless, I plugged my 5500 into my audio rack driving a 15" bass guitar amp. The details for the gearheads:

Zaurus SL-5500
xmms v7
Kawai MX-8R mixer
Alesis Quadraverb effects processor
Peavey TNT 150 15" bass amp
Juno Reactor - "Conga Fury" (appropriate techno tune)

Let's just say that the results were _quite_ satisfactory! :twisted:

I find that madplay provides better performance (and quality?) for playing mp3s.... under pdaXrom vs
mpg321 (and whatever xmms uses?) altough xmms wasn't bad.

gqmpeg is visually pleasing... so maybe I can write a wrapper for mpg321 or something so that gqmpeg will
use madplay... who knows.

The song format was OGG - I ripped the CD myself. I settled on xmms because 1) I use it on my desktop, so I know the name, and 2) it allows me to fast forward and rewind, which the builtin player (with the OGG codec) wouldn't do. I'd be happy to try any other (free) OGG-compatible, GUI-driven players, but I'm only aware of the builtin player, xmms, and the OTR players.

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