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Full Version: Welcome to the Florida ZUG
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Hi All,
I just wanted to get this group started and find out a bit about everyone. I am living in Clermont, FL. I had a SL-5600, but recently sold it. I am awaiting a SL-C860 from Japan later this month. Please add a reply stating where in Florida you are from, what device(s) and options you have with you Z. Please also fill out the current poll. Thank you and welcome to the Florida ZUG.

PS: Please suggest any items you would like to see in this ZUG.
I live in Palatka, FL..........i was an agenda vr3d owner, and recently bought a "factory refurbished" SL5500, I like it a lot, and
i just got a Socket CF wireless card for it, so i'm trying to configure kismet.......the card works fine for web browsing with my
home ap. The 5500 came with the Sharp 3.1 Rom and i've been scared to change it, i use my zaurus for adressbook and memos mostly.....i gave my wife my old Palm III, and the Agenda never really was very dependable, so it's gathering dust sad.gif
I live in Gotha and work in Ocoee. I have a 5500
(arrrgghhh) Damn work PC,
my 3rd attempt at this post.
have c860,sl550,time, and basic hardware to dedicate to this ZUG if needed. Not an IT pro but if given enough time i can pull through a project or two smile.gif
Dreamn of gprs cf card using T-mobile or serial connection to a cell. Anybody try it?
Know the the Gotha area, Zion, Yellow Dog eats, back road to Disney.... Folks live in Ocoee. Lemme know if you all wanna meet up. I'm game for some learn'n and maybe gamn? how about a project for PrBoom game server? Don't know the 1st on how to do it but I can't imagine it being to hard.
email ludovicusatlinuxmaildotorg
hopefully hear from you all
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