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Full Version: Zaurus and comcast cable
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I have a sl 5500 zaurus and it worked fine with my cox cable and my router, but now I moved to PA and we have comcast. Comcast uses some weird type of authentification method but by adding my dns servers to each of my machines behind my router I have no issues except with my zaurus it says my operating system is not supported i am running open zaurus on it vs 3.3.5.

Is there any thing I need to do special for the zaurus to work on comcast. I know if i call them I will get a retarded answer from s stupid high school drop out.
I have comcast in PA Delaware County. My 5500 is usually connected through the USB cradle on my WinXP machine. It shows up as as a Win Network Folder under my local Workgroup which includes WinXP, a Linux BOx and the Zaurus. I can copy files back and forth from any machine.

I have a wireless router. When I put my Wifi Card in the 5500, I can browse the web on Zaurus.

NOW....I don't know exactly how I got it all to work. I don't know a lot and used a shotgun and trial and error approach. Once it did what I wanted I stopped changing things. Often I didn't know what the settings even mean, but i changed them anyway.

If you can tell me exactly what settings to check, I will check them and tell you what I got.

What browser are yourunning. I wonder if it is the konqurer browser giving me the issues. I have connectivity and reach items by ip but not dns. I manually added the dns servers and still nothing.
Comcast uses normal DHCP through the router - almost anything should work without any user/password. A standard cablemodem via an ethernet link with settings to get everything automatically.

What is saying "your OS is not supported"? The Zaurus?
We had comcast in our old neighborhood (not us, but our neighbors). To get stuff to work correctly we had to set the machine and group names to specific things in order to DHCP to work. You might check into that.
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