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Full Version: Searching for an hour. Web Audio Streaming. HELP !
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I cannot be the only person who ever wanted web audio string on there z 5500. I am talking over WIFI (pleany og bandwith) and lots of formats to choose from.

If it is there it is off by default, so could someone PLEASE tell me how to plugin/turn on audio streaming through opera or some other 5500 browser !

Any help would be appreciated.

More Details:
"All MLB.TV and Gameday Audio feeds are of type 'Windows Media Audio/Video
file' with extensions 'WMV,' 'ASF,' and 'ASX,' or 'Real Audio/Real Video'
with extension 'RM,' 'RAM,' and 'SMI(L)' To check your computer's file
associates, pull down the Tools menu in any Windows folder and select Folder
Options. Then, click on the File Types tab. Verify that extensions WMV and
ASF and ASX open with the Windows Media Player and extension RM and RAM and
SMI(L) open with the Real One Player."

We are talking LIVE games here, so streaming is a must (as opposed to save to mp3 and listn after the fact.
If your talking about listening to shoucast streams (audio), have you tried video lan client (vlc)? It works on my 5600 and it plays streams from my computer (WiFi) or streams on the net (vlc Hope that helps?
If your talking about listening to shoucast streams (audio),  have you tried video lan client (vlc)?  It works on my 5600 and it plays streams from my computer (WiFi) or streams on the net (vlc  Hope that helps?

Where do you get the client?
I use my Z to play music during our backyard BBQ's/parties by using SAMBA to mount the root music directory from our server. Then I have a script that'll link a sub-directory( genre ) into the /home/zaurus/Documents/Audio directory so that all the MP3's in the underlying directories will show up in the Media Player.

This way, there's no special audio streamer needed and all I had to do was install the SAMBA stuff and write a couple of scripts to mount, unmount, and link the correct directories for the standard Media Player.
I have no problems pulling shoutcast streams with the Opie Player. I'll use it a lot for when I'm cutting the lawn or working out in the yard.

I just save the playlists on the Z, then open them up in the Media player. the only problem I can foresee (hasn't happened yet), is if the site renames or changes the playlist.
If your talking about listening to shoucast streams (audio),  have you tried video lan client (vlc)?  It works on my 5600 and it plays streams from my computer (WiFi) or streams on the net (vlc  Hope that helps?

But the key here is streaming LIVE in a baseball game happening RIGHT takign a live webcast and streaming (okay thru computer middleman if need be) to the Zaurus

Does it do that?
As far as I know, you can rule out realaudio right away. There's nothing on the Z that can play it.

I don't know of any browser plug-ins for streaming audio...

The only hope that I know of is net-radio. They broadcast in shoutcast and ogg formats. Well, other formats too, but the Z likes ogg and shoutcast. So if you can find what you want in that format, you can listen to it. If not, you're probably out of luck unless someone comes up with something new...
IF you have Win-dos can't you just do the qrtdesktop or something and do it on your XP Pro Computer?

I've gotten this to work, but it's a pain in the ass. I was actually streaming gameday audio broadcasts as well. I used a Windows XP machine as my middle man w/ winamp and shoutcast. On it, you have to install the shoutcast server:

Then you have to install the SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Winamp 2.x so that you can connect output from Winamp to the input for the shoutcast server software:

Now you have to start the realplayer broadcast of the game you want to listen to.

Then you have to configure the DSP Plug-In (In Winamp) so that it's input is the "Soundcard Input".

Then you have to configure shoutcast, but if I remember correctly, that was pretty straight-forward.

Once I had all the pieces talking together, I was able to listen to it on my Zaurus using mplayer. It did add on a couple seconds more delay to the already delayed broadcast, but it did work.

Let me know if you have any questions (I didn't go in great detail so I can answer specific questions).

BTW. This page helps explain some stuff:

8 know that therew is Zradio that is capable of streaming but not sure of what format,also xmms. a third option is a compact flash radio card butbthe drivers might need to be compiled.
Polansky is right. The way to do this is set up Shoutcast to turn the output from your soundcard into a mp3 audio stream that can be played from any of the zaurus media players.

I originally figured this out to play the streams over my stereo using my prismiq media player. There are some discussions on their forums ( and on the shoutcast forums if you want to get the details on how to do it.

If you have Linux you can look into IceCast that does basically the same thing.

Also, if you have linux, I am now streaming MLB Video to my SL-5500. But you need my super secret program to do it. I am not sure if I am violating any license agreements, so I am not sure I will post the code publicly, but anyone can send me a private message if they are interested.
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