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Full Version: Upgrading without flashing
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I have SL5500 with OZ 3.2 and Opie 1.0. I would like to try the new OZ 3.3.5 with Opie 1.0.3, but I'd rather not reflash my Z because I have almost all software on sd card and I'm a little afraid that after flashing I will have problems with running/upgrading programs from sd. Besides, I have no my own CF card.
Is it possible to do the upgrade just by shutting down Opie and doing ipkg update && ipkg upgrade on the OZ 3.3.5 feed? Will this work?
It may work partly, for example you should be able to update opie completely and many of the OZ system files, but that said some things will not be able to be updated - anything which is loaded to allow ipkg to run, the kernel, etc.

You really are better off flashing. The stuff you have on SD can simply be unlinked with 'ipkg-link umount /mnt/card' and then once you've flashed relinked with 'ipkg-link mount /mnt/card' so you won't need to install everything again. That said, make sure you back up anything in /root - the PIM datafiles for example.

lardman: after flashing my Z with OZ 3.3.5 from OZ 3.3.4 and make that you told i can't use my app. what's wrong?

Many thanks,

I think of doing somethin like this:
- flashing my Z
- doing ipkg-link
- ipkg update && ipkg upgrade to upgrade the apps on sd
is this the right way?
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