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Full Version: New PDA
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I am considering a PDA again after a long while. The last PDA I used up until about a year ago was a Newton 2100. Having come across the new SL6000L I was wondering about Mac OS X connectivity. Can one effectively sync a Zaurus to a Mac (TiBook G4 1GhZ)? Are there any issues that one should be aware of?
Thanks in advance.
There are a few threads about which "sync methods" and ROMs are the best for Mac users. Check the various threads in the "Mac Issues" forums under "Everything Zaurus." I have a few of the methods mentioned in my blog as well. I too am a Newton user and still think most PDAs are still playing catch up to it. The Zaurus has a strong community which is unfortunately more optimistic about the product than the manufacturer seems to be (at least in North America). Thank god for the community of the ZUG.
I do not own a SL-6000 , the following steps show how my SL-5600 that was upgraded to Original Sharp ROM version 1.32 works with my Mac which runs on OS 10.3.4:

Firstly, I download the USB driver at to establish ethernet linkage with my Mac .

Next, you need to activate PC Link Utilities (I hope it should be bundled with SL-6000) two times. First with the "USB -I/O (default)" option followed by OK and the second time with "USB -TCP/IP (advanced)" option followed by OK too.

Having established TCP/IP linkage, you can mount the whole Zaurus onto Mac's desktop by simply issuing this Samba instruction "smb://192,168.129.201". Click Ok when prompting for password.

But I have a problem with the mounted volumes from Zaurus. It does not allow me to copy files that are bigger than the available internal memory. I still do not know the reason.

To solve the file transfer problem, I install FB VNC server,, on the Zaurus and use Chicken of the VNC,, as VNC client on the Mac desktop. By runing Midnight Commander MC,, followed by activating the remote ftp mode (/#cd ftp:users@ from the VNC client to mount the Mac's file folders on one of the columes of mc, you can now transfer files from Zaurus to the Mac in both directions at ease. (PS: I set the VNC server to provide double screen size on VNC client for ease of operation)

I hope the above will help decide your choice of Zaurus model which can work with Mac smoothly.
Check out the ZMacSync project for syncronization.

It's not full featured yet (it's in an alpha stage), but from what I've seen/tested, it works very well. And it *should* work on the 6000 series. But I'm not positive.
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