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Full Version: Zaurus 5500 Adventure
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Someone asked me to post my pics of what happened to all the Zaurii that CompGeeks had on sale for $189. Well here it is, play by play. I'll try to keep it in the best chronological order I can.

This first set of pictures is when they arrived and unpacking them.
Here I am in the server room
Let's prepare to attack a blob of Ipaqs!
Time to configure and test the fellas to send out
I just had to set up a nice display before I could just let them all go and be free.
Now they are all free besides a few I still have here to update my backups on. My hopes are that they have a good life in the lands they have traveled to... One actually got lost getting shipped to it's destination. I hope to put the MAC addresses of its networking cards on milk cartons everywhere to find the lost little fella.
that's a lot of zaurii
Imagine a beowu...

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