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Full Version: #zug IRC channel ?
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Hi all,
I'll be the first to say that I havent been frequentin' these parts for all that long!, but if the zaurus dev site is down for good then this site seems to form the centre of the zaurus community. Does anyone else think it would be sensible to have an IRC channel for the zug ?? I for one would use it, i was thinking about a channel on freenode, #zug or whatever ?

Anyway I supose the response to this thread will be telling as to how much demand there is for such a thing ?

I'm surprised that there's no replies and seemingly little interest. I have been searching for a Zaurus IRC channel myself. #Zaurus would seem to be for developers. It would be nice to have a general Zaurus channel for people to chat on even if it's just for an excuse to use the machine...
Although after buying tkcJabber and managin to get it working with a little help for their support, I haven't been able to get it connected to an IRC server yet...
Another thought. Maybe ZUG is not interested but someone else would be? Maybe a post in the General forum?

Any interest out there at all?
sofaking would be great, I'm already there in another LUG room!

Also, irssi is a great console based irc client and its been ported to the Zaurus, although I actually use my Zaurus to ssh to my home machine and use 'screen' to attach to an already running irc client...

Michael Thompson
Zaurus SL-5600
6 Red Hat/Yellow Dog workstations
1 OpenBSD firewall
at the Home NOC.

"I don't do Windows"
Most of us hang out in #zaurus and #cacko on
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