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Full Version: Jobs: Apple developed, but did not ship Apple PDA
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Apple insider reports that Apple had developed a PDA and dropped just before market release:

As there is no information on when they did - it might have been years ago :-)

So, I think the Zaurus line is still the best MacPDA we know...

-- hns
I guess that means no Apple PDA while Jobs is in charge. :cry:

As much as I was hoping they'd come out with a clamshell PDA with builtin HDD, it's probably a smart idea that they don't. Sony was losing money on their Clie's here in the US and I don't think Palm was doing all that great either. Probably the only manufacturer that's doing well in the PDA market is HP... and I doubt they are making a ton off the iPaq.
I think Apple will eventually come out with a device that combines audio, video and pda functionality. The iPod is already headed in that direction and the industry seems to be headed in the direction of two types of convergence devices:

1. Smartphones that combine phone, pda and limited audio/video capability with wifi coming soon
2. Portable In-hand Multi-media Platforms (PIMPS? - biggrin.gif its a joke!) that have larger screens better suited for e-book reading and video playback, pda functionality, audio playback, etc.

The PDA sales data is showing that the day of the typical PDA (primarily for PIM use) is quickly coming to a close. PIM lookup is now easily accomodated with ANY phone and the phone is the preferred location for this info by most users. However, there is and will always be a need for those of us who are looking for document portability (laptop replacement or to compliment our laptop/desktop).

Apple fans don't despair, if and/or when Apple releases such a device it will surely knock your socks off, I'm sure of that.
I probably wouldn't bother with an Apple smartphone. Well, maybe I would since I love gadgets... esp. Apple gadgets. But honestly, I think smartphones are a waste of $$$.

Now when I say smartphone, I'm talking a phone/PDA hybrid like a SE P800/P900 or a Samsung i500/i600.

First, I think these phones are too bulky. I had the SE P800 and when I had it on my belt it caught on everything. And it was waaaay too big to comfortably slip in a pocket.
Despite being so big, they just aren't big enough to make for a decent PDA. Screens are too small to browse the web or play video files well. And most don't have a decent data entry interface.
Third, almost all of the smartphones on the market now crash way too much. My SE P800 crashed daily. I know the P900 is better and the Palm phones are pretty good, but they still crash a lot more than regular phones. And half the time, you don't know they are in an inoperable state until minutes/hours later and by then you've lost how many calls???

No, I'd rather Apple made a mini-iBook like device. Thinner than my C760, clamshell, made of better material (brushed aluminium?), and a screen that uses more of the surface area on the side it's on. Give it builtin wireless, a usb and/or firewire port, and a mini-iPod HDD. Have it run a micro Darwin port with an Aqua looking interface, pocket iApps (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie), Quicktime, and the standard Apple PIM apps.

I'd get far more use out of that device than any other I use today... even more than my Powerbook or iMac. I could do remote admining of my home machines, browse the web and send emails from anywhere, pop a digital camera/camcorder in it and download/preview content, etc.

I'd also like to see these mini laptop/handhelds incorporate something similar to Java smartcard technology. You can plug you handheld into your work machine and sync your profile and data. Then use it on the train/car/etc. When you get home, plug it in to your home machine and continue work (or stay home "sick" but still get some work done).

To me, something like this is just a lot more practical than a beefed up cell phone that could never do much more than run some PIMs and some eye-candy apps.
To me, something like this is just a lot more practical than a beefed up cell phone that could never do much more than run some PIMs and some eye-candy apps.

I like the idea of beefing up a Zaurus to be my cell phone with a bluetooth ear bud...though I fear the fact of it crashing...I have not had the problem with my treo 180 yet though I did with my Visor phone towards the end....
QUOTE(nevarrie @ Jun 10 2004, 09:26 PM)
I like the idea of beefing up a Zaurus to be my cell phone with a bluetooth ear bud...though I fear the fact of it crashing...

You might be interested that the latest effort (not yet published) on myPDA-Zaurus-Edition is to integrate phone functionality through the Audiovox RTM 8000 Compact Flash. It is already automatically recognized and the Wireless Control menu is adapted accordingly. And the new myPhone application is prepared to let you dial by tapping numbers or select entries from the Addressbook. But we have still to do a lot until it is working properly (configuration of network parameters, issuing the correct AT commands, error handling etc.) and to make installation very easy ("plug & use").

Well, the RTM8000 does not have a Bluetooth headset (but a wired one) and can't run phone calls in parallel to data connections but it is a first step of making the Zaurus a Smartphone.

Crashing is not really an issue as long as it does not crash while in conversation mode and reboots are fast enough. You can also hot-unplug the card as an emergency-brake which immediately (nearly) stops your traffic and tariff counter...

Best regards,
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