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Full Version: Don't waste your money
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I bought a Rio Nitrus 1.5 gig mp3 player for the microdrive, not only is it a non compact flash style drive but the Sl-6000 does not even recognize it as a mass storage device with usb. It is a cornice drive.
its a pity, since now a 1 GB CF card costs something like $130. I think the Rio Nitus is more than that - not worth the money for the CF drive (if ever it had one).

But thanks all the same for the tip, since you braved buying one to find out.
what price is the muvo2 over in the states? The 4gb drive from that is doing sterling service in my 760
I got my muvo2 for $449 Australia dollars. Did the extraction, put in a 128M CF card and did the firmware update so that the muvo2 still works as a MP3 player.

But, the 4Gb CF drive has made my Zaurus unreliable. It doesn't like me taking it out. Hard crashes, or keyboard stops working. Won't reboot. If I take the battery out to reboot then it only starts working if I put a real CF card in the slot. Sometimes it needs two power cycles to get back to normal. This is with the normal Sharp ROM.
ChrisEBoy, can you please post your
and anything else you may thing relavant. My Zaurus will thank you for it.
Try these instructions found here:

This is how I and others have got ours to work. I followed them to the T, and it works beautifully. mine has never crashed or given me any hiccups.

SOrry to see you wasted your money coolass. Too bad you bought the wrong rio.
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