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Full Version: zaurus sl5600 ZOM Flashing
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My name is Hung Nguyen. I am a new SL5600 Zaurus owner. I try to update my zaurus with a new ROM. During the process, I follow one of the process to reflash the ROM. After step 13 of the process. My Zaurus is not able to turn on. Please let me know if you have a way to install the operation back to my Zaurus.

Thank you;

Hung Nguyen

1. Make sure the AC power jack is connected.
2. Download the ROM image: zImage, initrd.bin,
If the filenames are different, change them to the above or else the zaurus will not be able to find them. The filenames are case sensitive. Note the capital I in zImage.

3.Put the ROM files in the root directory of your CF
card /mnt/cf (maybe possible with SD).
4. Turn the zaurus over and flip the battery case switch to "Replace Battery".
Remove the battery cover but don't remove the battery
5. Push the reset button on the lower right of the battery compartment
with your stylus
6. Replace the battery cover and switch to "Normal Operation"
7. Flip the zaurus over and simultaneously press the "Cancel" and "OK" buttons
8. The Maintenance Screen will display. Choose "Update"
9. After the update, flip the zaurus over again and switch to "Replace Battery"
10. Open the battery compartment, dont remove the battery. Press the reset switch.
11. Close the battery compartment, switch to "Normal Operation"
12. Flip the zaurus over and press simultaneously the "Cancel" and "OK" buttons again.
13. The Maintenance screen comes up again. Select "Format"
14. The zaurus will reboot to your new Operating System.
Are you sure you're using a 5600 ROM? Maybe trying to flash a C700/C750/Cx60 ROM?

If you have the right ROM type, try flashing it again. And when choosing "Update" you also need to specify where the ROM files are found (CF cards work best).

If that's all correct, try flashing it again. If it stil doesn't work, get a new copy of the ROM files (in case of corruption) and use a CF reader in a PC (or Mac) to copy the ROM files over. Try flashing again after that.

If none of that works, use a NAND backup (only for LAST resorts). But BEWARE. A NAND RESTORE CAN RENDER THE ZAURUS COMPLETLY USELESS. And I'm not exactly sure of the process to restore a NAND image. But try the other things I suggested first, before even THINKING of using a NAND restore.
Inuyasha, I download initrd.bin-tkrom1.1RC1-sl5600, zImage.tkrom1.1-sl5600, and After all, I remain them as initrd.bin, zImage, and copy them to CF Card. then try to flash. However, after the select update on the Menu Configuration and there is nothing work. Is this a right procecure to reinstall the OS. Thanks
Hm, the zImage MIGHT have to be zImage.bin. It is for some versions, but not for others.

Chances are this is the problem, and make sure you rename them PRECICLY. No extra extensions or anything.


From the "However, after the select update on the Menu Configuration and there is nothing work." this sounds like it cannot find the files. So be sure about the names AND extensions, ok?
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