Well, was easy to setup, the following helped a little (confirmed most of what I already had assumed).

http://www.zaurususergroup.com/index.php name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=1382&highlight=gprs+uart

However now GPRS is up and running (I have an Audiovox RTM8000 clone card, great price in Moscow, Russia, 5046 roubles ($180) at Gorbushka!) I am having some problems:


1) Random Freezes requiring a hard reset (whole machine locks up) within 5-10 minutes of usage

2) GPRS is extremely slow (when I put the card in my Dell laptop it operates perhaps 5 times faster).- - small (50K) web pages can take minutes to load!

I notice in /etc/pcmcia/serial.opts that:

SERIAL_OPTS="uart 16550A" is set (I did this on the recommendation of the above doc)

Is this correct? This card uses an Oxford Semiconductor OXCF950 fast UART chip which is supposedly compatible with the 16550A, would this be the cause of any issues?