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Full Version: A c860 that likes to suspend itself -possibly needing a nap?
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I have had this issue since I got my C860, but I have lived with it. Now with 1.21B I have my Z all running sweetly so i will raise this issue to you all.

The problem is that irregularly the Z will just suspend, even if i'm not touching it. It doesn't happen too much to be annoyed with, and will never happen when i am playing videos or mp3's. It also sometimes happens when i remove my ipda (charge/sync) cable.

Any ideas? It doesn't seem to be a hardware issue, so as such i'm not very worried about it.
Yes, as mentioned in a previous thread my C860 also has power management problems - maybe we should do a survey? I don't know whether this is HW, SW or both. It's annoying however. Power Management isn't simple on my machine thats for sure.
I've noticed that too, and occasional problems turning it back on, it will blink into life for a second then go off again.
padishah_emperor, nod nod! I'm definitely no longer concerned, if this is happening to other people.
maybe the question should be.... who DOESN'T it happen to! smile.gif
Not done any scientific testing but ...

I seam to have the problem occationally when using a cacko(Sharp) rom. But not when using a standard rom.
I kind of get the fealing it is software related somehow. Can't quite pin it down though.
I've found that I get this problem on any rom that has the brightness applet installed. If I use the brightness app tp blank LCD or set LCD to lowest level then the Z will sporadically turn itself off. This appears to happen the most when I swivel the screen from portrait to landscape mode. When I press the on button the screen remains blank and I have to use FN+4 to increase the brightness and turn the LCD back on.

On one occassion even the Fn+4 didn't work and I had to plug the Z into the ac-adapter to get the lcd to turn back on.

When I remove the brightness applet, all these problems go away, but I like to have the brightness applet for changing brightness in portrait mode. Otherwise I got to open up the power/light applet to change brightness.

Stubear, I think you are on to something, I remember having my brightness turned down via the applet, then having problems powering on, I held the Z up to very bright light and noticed Qtopia was there, I used guesswork and managed to reboot. I was worried for a moment or two that I'd bust my Z.
Cacko has this applet as standard, so would make sense...

I too had a couple scarey moments, where screen kept going off straight after rebooting completed. Cured by guesswork as well biggrin.gif
Having similar problems with my sl-c3000 that I have had for about a month. I can hear sounds and can get the usb drive to work, but the screen remains off. Running Japanese Sharp Rom with english conversion. Please help! Have tried the FN+4 for brightness.
QUOTE(Smokin @ Jan 20 2005, 11:26 AM)
Having similar problems with my sl-c3000 that I have had for about a month.  I can hear sounds and can get the usb drive to work, but the screen remains off. Running Japanese Sharp Rom with english conversion.  Please help! Have tried the FN+4 for brightness.

With my C760, if I plug it into AC adapter then the screen comes back on and I can reset the Battery Power lcd brightness using the brightness app.
I have a c860, running cacko 1.22.
There has been a number of times I was playing mp3's, with the screen set to blank and the Z in closed clamshell so i could keep it in my pocket.
After a while The z just stops, and I cannot wake it. The only way to make it come back on is to remove the battery for 5 seconds, plug in the AC power and reboot.

I think this may have something to do with my battery though, I've never seen it report below 35% (good) before dropping to 3% and prompting me to recharge the battery.
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