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Full Version: ipkg error msg
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Hi -

I am getting the following error when I try and install via the command line:

#ipkg instal xxx.ipk
The following package were previously requested but have not been installed:
Install them now [Y/n] ? n

ipkg update does not seem to clear this message. Does anyone know where ipkg may be finding artifacts leading to this eror message, or how I may clear it?
To fix edit the file "/home/root/usr/lib/ipkg/status", at the bottom remove the failed ipkgs, save and exit. As least this is how I do it with Cacko 1.21 ROM on my c860. I suspect other Sharp ROMs are the same.

You probably got the error when trying to install an 'ar' formatted ipkg. Some ROMs support the ar format other do not. There are other reasons for failure but the 'ar' formatted packages I believe is the #1 cause.

If you cannot install ar formatted ipks then use ar x to extract and tar zcvf to recreate, then try to install.
Perfect thx!
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