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Full Version: ZUG test of new server/connection...
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I think you all probably already know that I've been looking at possible alternatives for hosting the ZUG site (i.e. different hosting providers, etc.). There are of course a few key factors to think about when looking, such as bandwidth, throughput, reliability, etc.

Many of the hosting providers/colo facilities that I've looked at offer great packages and a decent amount of bandwidth, but all of them have a cap on total monthly bandwidth, and if you go over that then you're billed for the overages. Also, most of these don't offer that great of throughput, and once again if we burst past the alloted amount provided, we'd be billed for the overages. It seems that every plan I looked at had overages (based on our current stats).

So I started looking at a dedicated T1 line for home. I called Speakeasy (with whom I already have an ADSL line) and spoke to them about prices. Basically a fractional T1 line (768 up) would be $400/month, and a full T1 is over $500/month.

Long story short (I know.. too late wink.gif ), it seems that I'm a great candidate for SDSL (based on my proximity to the telco). So I ordered an SDSL line with 1.5mb down and 1.5mb up, and SDSL lines are guaranteed at 80% of the total speed which means we should get a constant minimum of 1.2mb up. That's not bad!

Because I called on the last day of the month (I think the sales rep needed to fill quotas), I got a few rebates. Basically I will get a credit of $2 for the install (instead of approx. $500 for various installation/hardware fees) and the line is only $300/month. Oh, and I have a 25 day trial period where I can cancel the line with no penalty to me (and I keep the equipment!).

Now, I'm already paying $100/month for my ADSL and another $100 (minimum) for the ZUG hosting, so it's actually only $100 more than I'm currently paying smile.gif . And hopefully with the revenues from advertising, I might actually break even.

The SDSL line is being installed tomorrow, and I will be spending this weekend preparing my server at home (an actual 1U dell server, not a desktop PC or zaurus) for this. Also, the site would once again have a dedicated IP address (in case of DNS issues) and the server and dsl equipment would be on a battery backup unit.

What I'm proposing is that I move the ZUG to my server at home on the new SDSL line for this trial period to see if it will be fast enough, etc. Then at the end of the trial (probably 20 days into it or so) I'll ask everyone if we should stay with it.

The benefits of moving the site to this permanently is that we will have a great connection with a constant minimum of 1.2mb throughput, unlimited bandwidth, and no overages!

So, what do you say? Are you willing to try this?
I'm down. I'm also willing to help maintain the server if you'd like.

I dont know what OS you'll be using, but if it's linux, I've been using linux for several years now.

Also, I think you should have a 'subscriber' option. $5 a month, and those that pay don't see ads. That way it's still optional not to subscribe, but you can still get your costs paid back.
freaking excellent idea... I'll probably need your help with implementing that. I'll make it worth your time though... say two free months for 50 hours of work? wink.gif
I'll byte. Can something other than (or in addition to) PayPal be arranged for supporting contributions?

Thanks for all the hard work!!
I'll byte. Can something other than (or in addition to) PayPal be arranged for supporting contributions?

Thanks for all the hard work!!

most definitely! if you email me your bank account number and routing number, I'll simply withdraw the $5 directly each month. smile.gif

all jokes aside, that's a good point... if we do indeed setup somekind of subscribtion service, we'll have multiple payment methods...

in the mean time, let me look into alternate donation methods.
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