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Full Version: IRC Channel for the Zaurus Users Group
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I wasn't sure if there's an IRC chan for this group, so I'll volunteer one. #zug See you there.
it's been brought up a few times about having an IRC channel... each time though people reference the current (and very active) #zaurus on

maybe we should get a #zug going with a proper bot and all... ?
dunno if a bot is really necessary, as there is only 2 channels on the network.
oh, it's up to 4 channels now
I'm there now, great place for real time help!
I just don't get it. You really are working on destroying the Zaurus community right? When will you realize that with every added possible channel of communication you actually get less factual communication due to the added fragmentation.
mickey - I agree with you.. and as you know this has been discussed (at least once) before.

ReverendDigital - I appreciate the effort of setting up this new ZUG channel, but honestly it's on a different network than the current #zaurus, #oz, #cacko channels on

Personally, the #zaurus channel on freenode is already a great channel to goto for support. It's already very active. I think this should be the "officially recommended" irc channel for ZUG members to goto for support, chatter, etc.
It was worth a shot. I wasn't aware of the other channels or I would have gone there to begin with :oops: . I'll see you guys there. Thanks offroadgeek.
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