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Full Version: Mange icons & tabs with Qtopia/Sharp ROM?
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I recently purchased a SL6000L, and with the addition of's tkcexplorer file manager I'm pretty darn pleased with it.

Except that tckexplorer installation added a "thekompany" tab, and I'd much rather have tckexplorer be in the "applications" tab just like all the other apps. Or better yet, do away with the tabs entirely to conserve screen real estate, since all apps/tools/settings are available from the Q button menu.

Are either of these possible when staying with the standard Sharp ROM and software?
I installed "Tab manager" from, which allows you to change icons and tabs easily. Sometimes if it isnt working you have to hold down the icon and check "give root access" but that only happened for me on certain roms.

Hope thats helpful
Thanks jem58.
That did the trick perfectly for moving the tkcExplorer icon to the "applications" tab and deleting the "thekompany" tab.

I'd still prefer to do away with the tabs entirly, but this is a good start. 8^)
*shrug* I don't think you can. Since the tab structure is tied to the Menu.
Doesn't the 6000 come with the Tab Settings program, for managing the tabs?

You can delete all but one of the program tabs. You cannot delete the Files tab.
Dang, you're right tumnus. 8^p

I had used Settings -> Tab Setting to tweak the order of the Tab icons, but hadn't spotted the trash can nor figured out that the arrows were for relocating icons.

Too bad the Files tab is non-removable, since it's made completely redundant and unecessary by the installation of (the vastly superior) tkcExplorer file manager by
Also note that you can change the tabs by working directly on the directories, .directory, .order & .desktop files in /home/QtPalmtop/apps -- each tab is represented by a directory. The tabname & icon come from the .directory file. The order of the icons is stored in the .order file.

The "file tab" is the exception: there isn't a directory for it -- it is generated by logic in the launcher program.

If you make changes to the directories or dotfiles, you need to refresh the launcher or restart Qtopia for the changes to appear.
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