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Hi everyone. Been Lurking in these forums for some time now. I have concluded one thing: I must have a new C860 smile.gif

On a serious note though, I'm a Linux Newbie. Years back I played around w/red hat version 5 or something and quite enjoyed myself. I am thinking of a purchase from Japan-Direct and doing the english conversion myself. Being "Newbish", must you be a Linux vet to understand the directions sent w/a new unit from them? I am not afraid of rolling up the shirtsleeves, taking it slow and surfing if problems arise. I am not expecting an open the box and get busy PDA if doing the conversion myself. I understand that time will be needed up front. Is this a safe estimate on my part? Or should the unit be bought from say Dynamism and let them do it and pay up front? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to more post reading.
I would suggest that you buy it from K off eBay unless you just want to pay more. Otherwise, icube worked out to be a bit less expensive that JD. Mine has not arrived yet, but there are many satisfied customers of K participating in this forum. Sounds like you are more than capable of handling the conversion or of loading a rom without the extra expense of Dynamism.
Do you have a link to K's ebay store?
No I don't have the link to K's store on Ebay. I have read many posts from these boards about him / her. Sounds like an avenue to look into. Thanks. I will search for the link on the boards.
First off, the conversion is really easy (speaking as one who has never done it). It's a matter of editing a few files with a text editior.

But it doesn't take a rocket scientist. Lookie here:!zaurus/c7x0conv.html

Even easier (mcz's mcconvert):

Just in case that the rumors are true that I'm a fathead, I would recommend backing up your NAND before you do anything else.

Or you could simply reflash it with one of the community ROMs (i.e. cacko, OZ, pdaXrom).

And yeah, you'll love it smile.gif

There were no English instructions with my Z (from Japan-direct).

I followed the instructions on the pdaXrom site (as I flashed pdaXrom to begin with), then used the same for OZ.

One thing nice that J-D seems to be doing is translating the 860 manual to English and putting it on their website. I don't know if it is under active development, but there was a portion of it available when I was there a few weeks ago.
I bought my C750 from, it took a week, and cost me a grand total of 481 USD.

Doing the conversion couldn't be simpler, a conversion script (done by Stubear unless I'm mistaken) and a couple of replacement files can be found at
From what I've seen so far, PriceJapan is about the cheapest and painless way to go about getting a Clamshell-series Zaurus.

"K" (Ryouma is his Ebay ID) currently has a c860 on ebay for $669 + shipping:

PriceJapan currently quotes $624 after shipping, tax, commission, & insurance:

The only possibly cheaper way I could find was buying one off of Yahoo Auctions Japan through a deputy/proxy service. The price is good, but the comissions and double-shipping bring the price right up close to what PriceJapan is asking.

Do you know if PriceJapan send the zaurus 860 with the correct power adaptor for US?
According to a few posts here on the forum and also on the web, the Japanese adapter is OK to use in the US & Canada. (same prongs, similar electrical system (100V vs 110v))

However, in Europe (240V) you would need a separate adapter.
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