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Full Version: SD OK for ROM flash?
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Can someone confirm(has actually done it successfully) whether it is possible to flash Cacko from SD card? Any issues/problems?

I would rather buya SD card for storage to keep my CF port for Bluetooth or Wifi.
Thanks for the help!!!

NOTE: This is for a C860.
As far as I'm aware, flashing only works from CF cards so you will need to get a CF card anyway. This is not bad, however.

It is good practice to have one card for flashing and a separate one for general storage needs. Why? Flashing can only be done with cards that are formatted using the FAT filesystem which, among other drawbacks, doesn't support symbolic links. Software installed onto a FAT-formatted card may not work. So you either need to have a card with 2 partitions (one FAT and one, say, ext3) or you need two separate cards.

Given that you only need 16MB to flash (well, apparently you need more for certain ROMs), you should hunt for any old 16 or 32 MB CF card at the lowest possible price. Then get yourself a good, reliable SD card for other stuff.
..I recently flashed Cacko from a Sandisk SD without issues / problems, on c700
Oh, so it must be different for the C models...
C760 and C860 flash fine from CF and SD, actually you can also do NAND baskup and restore to both CF and SD.

Just make sure its formatted FAT16 and not FAT32

Hi Guys!

Thanks for the help!

Will start hunting down a SD card to flash to Cacko. biggrin.gif
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