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Full Version: Nice One! -- Is there anybody out there?
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Great! - an Irish ZUG community. Thanks to Omega for setting it up. Does anybody else want to shout-out?
Yeah, I thought it was about time. catachresis, What are your specs? What location + Z plz.

Myself, i'm currently based in Leixlip but will be back in Dublin from September.
Blanchardstown, Dublin, Zaurus 5500, 256 SD, 4 Gb Md off a MuVo, switching to OpenZaurus now that I've got the CF adaptor working on my PC.

Fondest wish: Civ on the Zaurus. Any kind.
Wah-hey, I'm back! My Z arrived in the mail today (from the States)! Gard but it's sweet!

Bewrrtiful Crumlin down the Kimmage Rd from the elegant Submariner. Zaurus 5600, 256 SD (PNY), 512 CF (Kingston highspeed). I'm a linux newbie, but I'm keen to upgrade to OZ 3.6 pre1.
Dublin, planning on tradeing in a broken handera 330 and a psion 5 to get a SL-5500, have a wifi card from the hander 330 that should work.

Hey Guest from Dublin -- get signed-up at ZUG with a user-name and commune with the Community!
Living in Bray, SL-5600 with Zynergy at the moment, 256m Sandisk SD. Pocketop IR keyboard, random wifi card, nuked my old one due to too much playing with kismet and wellenreiter :-)
I have used OZ quite a bit but got fed up with not being able to reliably connect via USB or Wifi. If you don't have a wifi card and kismet running in Dublin you are missing a whole world of "default" and "wireless" ;-)
Hey Stormer - Good to know about the wifi! ;-)
Stormer, do you find that all the defaul Hancom apps work with the Zynergy rom?
Hancom Word and Sheet seem to work okay, I haven't tested them extensively, but the load up and are usable. I have'nt tried presenter.

I am mostly still playing with my Zaurus, Zynergy seems to be the most useful on a day to day basis, but I want to get OZ sorted. Main problem is connectivity, USB to my laptop is too much of a lottery even with the old hotplug installed and we won't even mention the "whenever I am in the mood I might get the routing right" feature !
I'm from spain but now i'm in dublin. I have two sharps, but i'm a little tired, with openzaurus 3.5.3 i can't install programs. Here i only have the 6000 with the original system. I would know where can i buy a wireless card for the collie, and where can i find hotspots free in ireland. My mobile phone is 0-851-214-971. Thanks you. Antonio.
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