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Full Version: One idea: Opie-mediaplayer2 How-To
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Hi, many people have some problems with play videos at Z with oz. And it's difficult to find the answer for this mistake. You can search at forums or lists and only find partial solutions. The question it's: if you can play movies at your Z with openzaurus you can help the people teaching the path, the simple way to run. If i can help i don't need too much time to do.

Many thanks,

Use mplayer (with xmms if you want a GUI interface). Not quite the answer you wanted, but I couldn't get the old (OZ3.2) opie-mediaplayer2 to work acceptably well.

Here, it never really worked, not even on Opie 0.9.9, and neither with the Hentges ( Opie 1.0.2 distro running on the OZ 3.2 ROM. The funny thing is that it worked more or less with Opie 0.9.1.
You can also use the mplayer-shell to add a gui to mplayer, there are versions for both sharproms and OZ roms. the link is

Just to agree with what everyone says here, don't even bother with opieplayer2. XMMS + mplayer plugin works great in OZ 3.3.5. You can grab it from Feed @

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